Are you already a yoga teacher or would you like more deepening and insight into your own Yin Yoga practice? The Yin Yoga training from The Yoga Academy is a 50-hour training with a World Yoga Alliance certification. This Yin Yoga Training is for anyone who wants to delve into Yin Yoga and is interested in more than just the physical asanas, but also in the energetic level.

The training is accessible to anyone with experience in yoga. At least a half year of experience in yoga is a plus, but not necessary. If you are already a yoga teacher, you can register this 50-hour registration with the World Yoga Alliance, so that you can work towards a 300 or 500-hour registration.


Yin Yoga and the Meridians.

Yin Yoga is a meditative form of yoga in which the postures are held in a relaxed manner for 3-5 minutes or longer. It works on deep layers in our system. It is experienced as healing for body and mind, because there is really time to go in and relax. The energy pathways (meridians, nadis) are stimulated, which is necessary for a healthy body but also for balance of emotions and thoughts. These meridians form a network in our system and influence how we think, feel and function.


The program:

The training consists of 6 modules. Each module we practice an Element with the associated asanas, meridians, organs, emotions and energy. A module consists of a theme about which we gain more awareness of on a personal level and healing can take place through practice. We follow the Yin Yoga theory of the founder Paul Grilley and lay a strong foundation with the Yin Yoga asanas. We learn all basic postures and the use of props, so that you understand how you can support and correct yourself and others. You increase your knowledge of the physical, emotional and energetic body to deepen your yoga practice. There will be room for deep relaxation and going inside to make contact with yourself. This is supported by breathing exercises and meditation.


Teacher: Yuna van Munster

The Yin Yoga Training is given by Yuna van Munster. Through her many years of experience as a Yin Yoga teacher, supplemented by a background in psychology and natural medicine, she knows how to integrate the knowledge of Western and Eastern views in a nice balance with each other. Her training and research are focused on the energy body, the meridians and chakras. We work with relatively small groups, so a lot of personal attention is possible. This Yin Yoga Training has been successfully completed for 6 years. This year the seventh Yin Yoga Training will start.


The training will be in English.


What do you discover and learn?

• The basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCG)

• Five element theory, and how it affects us

• Meridian theory

• The relationship of the meridians, organs and emotions

• How Yin Yoga influences our emotions and vice versa.

• Yin Yoga postures

• The use of support (props) in the postures

• Inspiration to compile Yin Yoga classes based on the meridians and the five elements

• Energetic anatomy

• Breathing exercises (pranayama) to stimulate the Yin Yang balance in yourself

• Meditations

• Deep relaxation

• And much more…


Data: 6 Saturdays from 11:00 am to 16:00 pm

Price: € 645 excl. VAT

Location: Amstelveen