Room Rental

Room Rental

Looking for a special location in the heart of Amstelveen? In addition to the regular activities, The Yoga Academy also offers room rental for individuals and companies. The entire space consists of the Great Room, the Therapist Room, a spacious Buddha reception lobby with a little lounge area, 2 dressing rooms, small kitchen and 2 toilets. Together an area of 132 m2. The Great Room and Therapists Room can be rented separately.

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Rental Great Room

The large yoga room has an area of around 72 m2 (including stage) and is very suitable for yoga, meditation, energy work, mini-concerts, education and training. It is a very bright room with many windows, extra high ceilings, fans and good energy and air circulation for a lot of space. Yoga mats, bolsters and necessary attributes are available for around 25 people. The Great Room offers space for around 30 people.

Rental Therapist Room

The Therapists Room is a small, tasteful and cozy room that is very suitable for massage, coaching, healing and therapy. Massage table and sink are available.



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