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Yuna van Munster


Founder of The Yoga Academy. She teaches Yin yoga, Hatha yoga, Yoga nidra, Healing yoga and Meditation.

In 2005 she fell in love with yoga. Inspired to explore the depth of this path, she attended the teacher trainings for Kundalini, Sivananda and Himalaya Yoga.

Alana de Bois


Alana has had a great interest in Eastern philosophy and long-distance travel from an early age. She has followed her yoga training in India, supplemented by various master classes & workshops in the Netherlands. She teaches hatha, yin, vinyasa and core flow yoga, meditation.

Johanna Sun-Wha Lundqvist


(classes are in English)

Johanna is from Stockholm, with roots from South Korea. It was in Stockholm that she obtained her first 200-hour certificate in Ashtanga yoga at the age of 20. A few years later, Johanna went to Costa Rica to obtain a 500-hour certificate in Vinyasa yoga.

JJ van Zon


(classes are in English)

JJ is a Hatha yoga teacher and has followed his training in an ashram in India. He is a spiritual coach and author of the book; the power of me-time (spirituality for the stubborn). With twenty years of experience as a professional dancer and as a modern spiritual leader, he knows how to connect body and mind.

JJ organizes retreats in Italy, England and South Africa. He offers online yoga programs, meditation albums and personal ‘me-time’ coaching programs.

Rolandjan van Mulligen


When Rolandjan followed his first Vipassana retreat in 2001, it greatly influenced his life. In the following years he studied various forms of yoga, such as Anusara, Kundalini and Iyengar yoga. He also integrates breathing work and inquiry methods into his lessons.

With the advent of the meditative practice of Yin yoga, everything came together.

Anouk Puister


She is a founder of My Happy Sleeper Company and a certified yin yoga teacher. During her workshops and lessons she shares practical knowledge and exercises in a warm and relaxed way to bring mind and body back into harmony.

Lena Belt


She has been passionate about healh all her life, but later on she discovered that this involves more than just exercising and healthy nutrition. A healthy lifestyle also includes sufficient rest and relaxation and learning that some things are there to let go. Yoga has helped her to grow in this. She also has a background in aerobics, BodyPump and functional training. The combination of effort and relaxation will also be reflected in her yoga classes. Expect strong classes with enough relaxation!

Ilanit de Wilde


Life is an adventure. She has lived in beautiful places in the world, and has made many journeys inside. She gives yoga & meditation lessons, works with singing bowls & gongs, and coordinates events & retreats.

Arjuna van der Kooij


He works as an editor and writer of yoga books at the Mandala Publishing publishing house. With co-author Alanna Kaivalya, he has published the book Myths of the Asanas, which brings the stories behind the asanas to life.

He gives workshops on yoga philosophy and organizes yoga retreats to India and Switzerland. Mantra meditation and kirtan form an integral part of this.


Amsterdam & Amstelveen


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