Deepen your knowledge of the 7 main chakras and their relationship to yin yoga and your daily life.

Yin Yoga and the Chakras.

Would you like more insight and deepening into the chakras? This 50 hours World Yoga Alliance certified training will increase your knowledge and awareness about the 7 chakras and how to apply them in a yin yoga practice. It will give you the necessary techniques and tools to apply in daily life and to transform it. Yuna van Munster will take you on a journey through the chakras on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. We will learn and explore the features and characteristics of each chakra. How to activate and balance these through yin yoga poses, mantras, meditations and other methods.

This training is for anyone who wants more knowledge about these important energy centers and is looking for deepening their own emotional and spiritual development. This to apply in yoga classes, but also in daily life.


Why the chakras.

According to yoga philosophy we consist of 3 bodies, or 3 layers of consciousness: the physical body, the subtle / astral body (the energetic reflection of the body, emotions and thoughts) and the causal body (karma and universal connection). The chakras exist in the subtle body and form a bridge between the physical and causal body. They are connected to our entire being on a physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual level. A disturbance in a chakra says something about a disturbance in our system. Balancing and healing our chakras and gaining awareness about them is essential at all levels.


What do you discover and learn?

-The theory of the chakras, what characteristics they have and why they are important.
-Knowledge of yoga philosophy related to prana (energy), nadis (energy channels) and koshas.
-Techniques and methods for how to activate and balance each chakra through yin yoga, awareness, visualizations, mantras, meditations, pranayama etc.
-Build a yin yoga practice for balancing each chakra.
-Chakras and its related elements and emotions.
Awareness and transformation of blockages in the chakras.
-How our emotions and thoughts influence the chakras.
-Self healing & transformation for a happier and more balanced life.
-And much more..

In 6 Saturdays we deepen our knowledge about the 7 chakras and experience the layers of consciousness. We start the day with theory, then with practice and end with how to apply this in daily life. There will be room for self-development and healing for a transformative experience.


Will be anounced soon

Price: € 645, – excl. VAT
Location: The Yoga Academy in Amstelveen