Life! What a miracle, what a mystery, what a gift.

An afternoon with magical sounds, sacred cacao-drink and other ceremonial elements that will lovingly guide you to surrender to the now.

Ceremony is a place where we intend to no longer struggle with ourselves, give up our concepts and ideas about what life should be like, and meet ourselves as we are today. Whether we feel depressed, peaceful or somewhere in between. In ceremony we feel how we feel, accept and allow what is present at the moment. It is in that frequency of acceptance that we can release long-held tensions, so that we can once again feel wonder and awe for life.

The sacred heart-opening cacao and all the sounds of the instruments are an invitation to feel and be in the moment with what is.

It is such a blessing when we find the courage and clarity to stop hiding and controlling, and finally arrive Home, with ourselves, in the Heart.

About the cacao:

Cocoa has been used as food and medicine for centuries. It is one of the most nutritious foods on earth and is very nutritious for our bodies and beings. This gentle plant-medicine opens your heart, elevates your mood and stimulates your creativity. The chocolate smell and the earthy taste creates feelings of love, joy and satisfaction. This makes cacao a great companion for inner work, allowing you to embrace and flow in a loving way. The cacao we use is of ceremonial quality from Nicaragua or Guatemala (from PureKakaw with care for the environment).

Date & time: Sunday April 5th , 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Price: €35,- including ceremonial cacao-drink

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